Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Perfectly Practical Pocket Journal

What fun! Not one but 2! classes with Wendy Vecchi and friends Saturday!!! First we made this really cool journal. The cover and external embellishments are all made from grungepaper so you can toss this in your bag, tote, etc. and not have to worry about it. With the rings you can easily remove/add pages as you see fit. The inside covers are decorated as well as the external back cover but mine aren't as nice as I'd like for them to be so you won't be seeing those. Maybe one day when I'm desperate to share some art....lol!

We used lots of Wendy's new images as well as Tim's alterations. Of course we used lots of distress inks, especially the new colors. The journal edges were outlined with the gold paint dabber for that final bit of pop at the end.

Tomorrow I'll share the wall hanging birdcage we altered. Another great gift idea!


  1. Yep, sure was fun! And these turned out awesome!

  2. This is just fab, you are so lucky to get to those classes!