Thursday, April 22, 2010

Find your style

This manner banner is full of sewing-related things. I'm so glad Wendy came up with this set; sewing is very big part of my background. My grandparents took in alterations for the public and we all, including my brother, learned to sew at an early age. Even my grandfather hemmed pants. Needless to say we wore handmade garments for a long time (thank you,mom!). Now I'm not sure how cost-effective it is to make your own garments. I remember walking down the street and seeing someone wearing a blouse. I commented on it because I had just purchased the fabric for myself. She bought hers already made in a local store. Grrrrr....

There are old pattern pieces, twill tape, buttons, etc. on this banner. The garment was stamped on muslin with archival ink; it was colored with one of the distress reds. The thimble and spool are actually buttons but I removed the shanks. I did wrap thread around the spool for more authenticity. The scissors came from a drawer...other than that I have no clue! LOL

Thanks, Wendy, for bringing back so many happy memories of my childhood!


  1. I envy you being good at sewing- I am hopeless. This banner is fab and I love the Wendy stamps you've used.

  2. This is so perfect for you, Susan. Your sewing is beautiful and "sew" is your art!

  3. This is another awesome banner, Susan! I just love the sewing theme, too. Yes, I too, wore many a home made garment in my youth, my Mom was a huge sewer, and still cranks out the quilts to this day. Great skill and talent to have! How in the world are you getting so many things on your banners? I finally got one together last night, and boy, there is not a lot of room!