Friday, April 23, 2010

Art begins with a vision

And I definitely do not have 20-20 vision (never have)! LOL In fact, a cataract has appeared in my left eye so at some point (I hope in the very distant future) I'll have to have it removed. For now, I'll just deal with my less than perfect vision.

The base piece for this (last) mini banner was polished stone and edged with the gold paint dabber. A border stamp is across the top (maybe in wild plum). I only used part of the sentiment (blue).

The plastic slide got the same treatment with alcohol inks. It's been overstamped with one of Wendy's background stamps (little flowers with x's through them is the easiest way to describe it). The sentiment was carefully stamped on the slide with the help of a stamp positioner.
was stamped on a leftover piece from the base banner then Wendy's plaid background.

Yes, the frame was gold heat-embossed with lots of tiny pink jewels attached. I cut out the center so I could elevate it over the face. The irises were colored with a brush and one of the blue distress inks.

To finish it off, a snap for the letter
in vision, and Tim's tiny safety pin was run through a striped ribbon that's been distressed before it was glued down.

Ta da! My collection for trading is complete! They're not due until 5/25 so I have to wait a while to see what I'll get in return. This was a fun art challenge; I'm so glad Debby came up with the idea.


  1. These are all so cool. I would love to have a set and run it along the ceiling in my craft room. What will you do with yours when you get the swap back? Betcha yours will be the best of the bunch!

  2. Wow, this is fantastic! Love that you cut out the frame around the eyes to give it dimension, that's really cool! Love the slide and how it goes with the theme, also very cool, well, the whole piece is really cool, really. he he. Love it! I've got two down and four to go!

  3. Susan, all your banners are fabulous!!!! I need to get crackin' on mine!!