Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah.  I love watching the candles flickering on the menorah.  And I can't forget about potato latkes!  Yum yum!  This year's card is simple...some watercolors smeared on watercolor paper with the cute stamp (can't remember the company) layered on colored cardstock, a Star of David silver rub on and a Sizzlits dreidl die that has silver paper behind it. 

It's always interesting (to me) to see when Chanukah falls each year.  Sometimes it's before Christmas and sometimes it overlaps.  In 2013, the first night is Thanksgiving night! 

Some of you may have Hanukkah bushes and Hanukkah Harry stops by your homes.  When your family celebrates both holidays you never know what traditions will be born.

Nonetheless, I wish you all peace!


  1. Great card, Susan, love that stamp! lol!

  2. Great card! Hanukkah Shalom! It's funny, this is the first blog I read after looking at Tim's first tag, and I had decided that I would do a menorah in the window - it felt like deja vu when I arrived!

  3. Great card, Susan. That watercolor 'makes' your card. Latkes-OMG. My girlfriend and I were just bring up the subject of her late mother making latkes for us when we were young..topped off with powdered sugar or applesauce!

  4. Wait! Hanukkah Harry? That's a new one for me! I grew up in a predominantly Jewish 'burb & always envied those who celebrated both Hanukkah & Christmas. *lol* And, as much for the food & other traditions as anything else!

    Your card's a hoot!