Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A true angel

Wendy Vecchi, a true angel in the art world, has my angel on her blog today!

Lori Hassler, one of the moderators for the EverythingWendyVecchi group, posted a challenge and this was my entry. The art chick angel is nearly a foot tall. Her body is chipboard but her head is grungepaper. She's adorned with brads, gems, and vellum. All inks and paints are by Ranger.


  1. Your angle is lovely.
    That would make a great "badge"

  2. This angel is SOOOO COOOL! Just an awesome art piece, Susan, and congrats for being mentioned on Wendy's blog!!!

  3. Congrats for being showcased on Wendy's blog. I love your angel!

  4. Hi, Susan!
    What a great badge :)
    Congrats on being on Wendy's blog - how fun!! I usually lurk on the Wendy Yahoo Group but wanted to stop by and say hey! MargieH in Schaumburg