Wednesday, January 14, 2015

To swirl or not to swirl

Claudine's testing us...swirl one, don't swirl one.  Which do you like best?  This 18th APC challenge was fun!  I generally write down the basic instructions then get right to creating my own or put them away for a few days while life takes over.  Such was the case this week so I'm quite surprised at how similar mine are to hers. 

Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paint (Smidge of Blue, Purple Palette, Blank Canvas); Jet Black Archival Ink; watercolor paper; watercolors; Studio 490 'She Created Art' LCS036; Black Fude Ball pen

Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paint (Charcoal Black, Dash of Red, Dab of Yellow); Jet Black Archival Ink; white card stock; Studio 490 'Make Mine Mini Art' LCS021; Black Fude Ball pen

So, are you playing along?  Do you prefer to swirl or not?  I'm torn.

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