Sunday, October 27, 2013

First cataract surgery

The procedure went well; first post-op and the doctor was pleased.  2nd post-op appointment will be 10/31 and the next surgery will be 11/7.  I definitely will be needing reading and/or computer glasses.  Larger fonts aren't bad but small stuff and close up work is actually worse than before my eye was corrected.  But they couldn't do both and I'd much rather wear glasses when I need to, not 24/7.  I'm one that has to have glasses to find my glasses and not having them on for even a short period of time gives me eye strain that makes my stomach queasy.  I can't focus for too long on any one thing; television watching seems to be the easiest yet it's my least favorite activity.  At least I can watch football okay.  Even if I am wearing dark glasses because bright lights bother my eyes. 

I'm quite surprised at how much I remember of the procedure.  I shared my experience with a patient who's surgery immediately followed mine.  She saw marshmallows; I saw flashing saber lasers.  Go figure.  As long as the procedure works, I don't care what I saw!  lol

I was extremely sick after the procedure due to the anesthesia.  I've already ready requested medication to alleviate or halt that for next time.  Once the left lens was popped out of my glasses the signals my eyes were sending to my brain weren't so muddled.  The frames still give me a sense of limited peripheral vision.  I'm so happy to be able to see the alarm clock during the night WITHOUT my specs!!!

With my propensity towards vertigo with the slightest bending over movements I really wish both eyes could have been done at the same time.  I also would advise that if you are having toric lenses implanted because of your astigmatisms that you have the lens removed from your glasses just prior to surgery so you're not fighting looking out of your 'new' eye through old lenses.  Certainly caused a lot of imbalance issues for me.

My step-father is having major surgery Halloween so don't expect to hear much from me until I am post-operative after 11/7.  Art is probably out of the question but I am going to attempt to do some die cutting this afternoon just to try it. 

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and well wishes!  They are most appreciated and very welcomed. 


  1. Happy that your surgery went well. I had both of my eyes done, three weeks apart. It is nice to see better, except when I got home from the first surgery I could see dust that I hadn't seen before! I'll be thinking about you with the medical issues you have going on in your life. Hope you are up and stamping soon......hugs....dianne

  2. Susan, glad it went well. Must be nice to see without glasses.