Thursday, December 13, 2012

Horsing around

In a recent Martha Stewart magazine she shared some bracelets and tassels she'd made from her horse's hair.  Her horse is very much alive and well but the idea reminded me of mourning jewelry made from human hair (victorian times?).  A friend of ours has a riding stable in NJ and I thought the idea might appeal to her for several reasons.  She's an aggressive recyclist/repurposer, she LOVES horses, and some day might want to remember a special horse in a unique way.

Here's the card I sent that includes the article and pictures.  I created my own faux wood background and added the Sizzix Door.  Obviously this has some extras included that aren't found on the original die.  I had to figure out my own barn door configuration; the bottom half of the dutch door is sealed shut.  I didn't have any horse stamps that would work so I used the photo of Martha's horse, Rutger.  The hinges are from the Sizzix Flagpole with Lantern & Sign die.

Rutger looking out

Closed barn door

Ranger inks and stains were used to create the wood and grain.  What would I do without Ranger????


  1. Those doors are fab! But now I have the Mister Ed theme song in my head, Susan.... a horse is a horse of course of course...

  2. Wow, this is so cool! I know your friend will LOVE this!

  3. Absolutely incredible! but now thanks to the comment by Marjie, I will be singing the horse is a horse of course of course song all day!

  4. I totally thought this was a real photo at! Your barn side and door are perfect! Love the open door as well!