Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some days...

Some days you just have to be ornery. Actually, this is for an ATC swap with the theme of being a smart aleck. I wasn't going to participate but found the sentiment stamp on clearance not too long ago. (Don't you find yourself buying a stamp here & there *just because* then later thinking to yourself, 'Why?') At the time I thought it would be perfect for 'The Thinker' statue. Never dreamed I'd be able to use it until someone was having a particularly crummy day. Hey, can you see the poo?

Speaking of 'just because' stamps, any one else own a tiny electrical plug? How about a roll of toilet tissue...with an extra piece of a single tissue???

Think I'll use the tissues to wipe away some rain drops from my window today.


  1. This is a very cool ATC, but did it really need the poo to be artistically complete?

    You do have some unusual stamps. I just have stupid stuff like flowers and butterflies.

  2. Okay - I have to ask - what did you use for the poop - my creative mind needs to know!

  3. Love the poop! Was it dimensional pearls? Very effective. lol Great ATC, and such fun! Oh yeah, I have some of those

  4. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!! I think I need to see if I have time to sign up for this swap!