Monday, March 29, 2010

Embossable You

Finally got a chance just to play in my stamp room! Made some artsy stuff but I can't show that to you yet. But here's something fun I did.

There's been plenty of talk of people creating their own embossing folders. But what do you call it if it's not a folder? I glued down some cardstock shapes (I purchased a very long time ago) onto a piece of cardstock. I chose to make my samples (multi-colored pieces) A2 size so I could completely fill a cardfront with my chosen design. On the sample I did lightly rub an ink pad over the embossed parts so you could see how they turned out. Cool, huh?

Just think of all the designs you can create with the punches you have on hand. But I have one warning to issue. You must make sure there is NO adhesive (or anything else you don't want embossed) showing because it WILL show up when you emboss. I did try chipboard letters but in the Wizard it kept tearing the paper. I think I'll try it without a 2nd hard pad (white or blue) to see if I can still achieve the look I'm wanting. I'm thinking a person's name embossed on a card would be cool!

You don't have to get inky to make art!

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  1. Wow, this is a fantastic idea, haven't tried it, but will have to now! lol The possibilities are endless here, ooo, and with Tim's new dies, oh boy!