Monday, August 3, 2015

Seasonal magnets

We get quite a few magnets in the mail, especially ones from credit card companies.  I decided to alter four of them to make a seasonal set of magnets.  While they won't hold much more than a single sheet of paper, I do like seeing them on my refrigerator or file drawers.

Sticky back canvas was applied to the front of the magnets (I tried gesso but it just wasn't covering well enough for me).  To seal the fabric and make the images stamp better I coated each with a layer of gesso. 

Ranger archival inks were used to stamp all the images.  The seasons are by Stamp Camp and the other images are Rubber Stamp Tapestry (Cherry Blossom SFL34068, Sand Dollar and Starfish Border AQU00003, Fall Leaves and Acorns SLE18008, Cardinal in Holly SLE18007).

I let them dry thoroughly overnight before spraying them with a Krylon matte sealer.  This way there should be no issue with fingerprints or sticky fingers.  (I know how it is at my house!)

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