Saturday, May 22, 2010

A really nifty tip

I was resting my eyes yesterday afternoon and thinking about the cards I was planning to make for all my June occasions. I'd seen a card on Susan's blog (5/21) that really caught my eye because of it's simplicity and ability to work for most any occasion. She was making notecards for teachers and boxing them up...a really nice gift and presented in a clear box.

The dog image I really liked (& have!) but it felt too simple for me. I combined a bit of the line drawing from her bee card. Hmmm...still a bit flat. This is where resting my eyes comes in. I'm not good at giving an image a shadow and wanted something easy and foolproof. Yes, I could stamp & cut out a solid image and place it behind the stamped image but then I'd have to stamp and cut twice. I thought about all the coloring devices I have on hand. Hey, what about a light gray calligraphy marker? I lined it up in my hand as if to write in the calligraphy style (took classes years & years ago) and followed the image where I wanted the shadow. Voila! Just perfect and what I wanted. I really think this tip is worth something, don't you?

I didn't like stamping the sentiment directly on the card. Nope, on a layered rectangle wasn't right either. Hmmmm....hey, how about a bone? And I just happen to have a Sizzix die. Yahoo! A bit of brown distress ink and I think I've got a winner!


  1. Adorable card, and well work getting that calligraphy pen out for. Cute idea.

  2. Great tip! So, that's what happen when you rest your eyes, eh? Maybe I'll try that tomorrow. lol Wonderful, fun card, great ideas!

  3. AWESOME tip! The line behind the dog is inspired, too. Love it!