Monday, May 10, 2010

It's all about families

I am spending this week and maybe next diligently working on finding more info for my family research. I did locate my great-grandmother's photo when she turned 16 back in 1882. And I think I found the name of a great-great uncle's wife through some diligent census work. It's tiring and tiresome but I figure one day I will be able to find my paternal great-grandfather. All I know is Charles was from KY and was married twice, both to women named Nancy. He died in IL in a town that no longer exists. can't seem to locate him based on this info. Go figure. LOL My dad's family reunion is the end of June. I am planning on a new release of the info's been 8 years since I shared the first book. Enjoy spending time with your family...and learn what you can NOW and get it down in writing while you can. Label those photos NOW! Believe me, generations from now will be most appreciative. Just because your kids may not be interested in their family history, their kids may show interest later.


  1. That is a lot of work. I'm sure you're family will appreciate what you have learned! And you're right, write stuff down now, cause you won't remember later!!! lol

  2. Susan Have you looked at the Illinois state archives? They have Death records- Veteran records if you haven't cked it out maybe this will help. Do you know what county the lost city of your grandfather is in? Hope this helps just a thought Deb