Sunday, July 31, 2016

Record-breaking week..sadly

What a week.  It saddens me when I have to make 5 sympathy cards within a few days.  I do believe that's a record.  A friend's dog, friends, former neighbor, relative of relative.  It's been a rather stressful week for me with my husband's health situation but I know that if the tables were turned I would hear from these same people.  How can I not reach out to those individuals and let them know I care about their breaking hearts?  Here are 2 cards that came together quickly so replicating them was rather easy.

I found some gorgeous green leaves in my yard (tulip poplar, oak and redbud) that were in fabulous shape.  Acrylic paint was applied to them then stamped onto mixed media cardstock.  All I did was change the sentiment to fit the recipient.  This one was is from Studio 490.

This is one of my favorite Stampin' Up sets.  I colored the image with distress markers, huffed hot air (I have plenty!  lol) then stamped onto mixed media cardstock.  The tree needed to be grounded but wasn't happy with my drawing a line or anything similar.  This is a narrow embossing folder that I carefully inked up and stamped at the base of the tree.  Yep, just what it needed.  And the extra swirly bits break up the monotony of a straight line.

Guess I'd better make a few more so I'm not caught unprepared...although I do hope next week isn't a repeat!

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  1. Susan, I truly understand your efforts to care for an ill husband and still make cards to support others. Your cards are lovely and will be appreciated. I'm still fighting to find mojo to create cards and it's been 5 years since I went through this. Hang in there.