Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tower of ink

An email on the ATT group mentioned seeing a tower storage unit on Pinterest that made the sender want to make her own.  And that she did.  Here's the link that was included in the email so you can see it for yourself.  In the previous post I believe you'll find directions, etc.  A later post shows a similar unit but has included room for re-inkers. 

My tower holds all 48 distress pads.  It will be going on a lazy susan as soon as I can get to the store.  I couldn't find the plastic spinner she used.

This was quite easy to build and seems very sturdy but I guess that would depend on the weight of chipboard used for the process.  I had always loved the array of rainbow color piles on my desk but at 6" square this takes up less room on my work space. 

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