Monday, October 15, 2012

Delayed World Card Making Day

I wasn't able to participate in World Card making Day last Saturday so I made up for it this past Saturday by creating 2 cards, a tag for Tim's 12 Tags of 2012, a card for the Compendium challenge and I got started on Thanksgiving cards.  Oh, and I made homemade white bread from scratch and a pot of chili.  It felt good being so productive.

Here are photos of the two cards and the bread.  I'll be sharing the other 2 projects later this week.

The bread was just as delicious toasted!  It's a simple recipe that you mix up, let sit 8-14 hours (I tend to do this before I go to bed - preferably the weekend), knead a tiny bit, let rise, bake.  It can also be used for a luscious Cinnamon Swirl loaf.  Still warm and creamery butter?  Over the moon yummy!  Next time I want to try incorporating some whole wheat flour into the recipe.


  1. Just love your blog. As I scrolled down I saw the Halloween box made out of tags. What creativity!! That is definitely an inspiration.

  2. I can smell the warm bread spread with sweet yummy butter, and maybe even a little drizzle of honey!!! Oh yeah, gorgeous cards too! Love the clean white! I can never do that!!!