Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leftovers - it's what's on my art

So my good friend Lynne has a really cool technique tag up on her blog and I decided to see if I couldn't use it for inspiration. 

I started out with a 'plaid gone bad' tag and lots of leftovers from various playtimes and stuff on hand.  The stem is an old zipper, the leaves were cut from some PaperPerfect (DecoArt) that I had spread and let dry on my craft sheet, produce netting, chipboard belt buckle, torn paper scraps...you get the picture.

So next time you need some inspiration, check out some techniques on other blogs or websites and start pulling out stuff from the bottoms of your drawers...and get creative!

Is there anything that can't be used to make art?  Okay, besides pure garbage, medical waste, etc. and even then you could probably argue that given the right venue that, too, could be art.  Ick!


  1. Very cool! Love the flower! And great use of those odds and ends!

  2. Susan......OMW...your flower is SOOO AWESOME!! Way cool tag!!!

  3. Love that flower! And yes, I'm thinking you might draw the line at medical waste.... too funny!

  4. Woww this is sooo cool, love the flower Susan wowzersss Hugs TErry xxx