Sunday, December 13, 2015

Floral themed pocket letter

ala Studio 490.

Studio 490 stamp sets by number:  11, 20, 35, 53, 89, 92, 101
Studio 490 background stamp:  Vintage Pricing Chart
Studio 490 stencils:  Borders, Basically Bricks, Checkmate, Alphabets, Old Ledger

Ranger:  manila cardstock, archival inks (all Studio 490 + Jet Black), distress inks, distress markers, embossing paste, embossing powder

**Hand sanitizer (middle row, left and right) 

**Smear archival inks on your nonstick craft sheet and squirt hand sanitizer over them.  Mix gently with a palette knife.  Because of the gelatinous nature of the hand sanitizer you are left with streaks of darker color.  If you use all reds, the look of blood is quite real.  I don't notice the lingering odor of alcohol like I do when I use regular alcohol.  The hand sanitizer also doesn't bleed through the manila cardstock.

Happy birthday, Wendy!  Hope your day is extra special!

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  1. LOVE the pink rose on the bricks!! This is SO pretty, Susan. THANKS for the beautiful Christmas card! Love the simplicity and colors. I have a birch tree die and I keep cutting it out of Kraft, using acrylic paint in white and cream, then adding black accents with my .005 Zig. Your way looks less intense. nise