Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September = back to school

September is the month most equate with going back to school.  I found this really neat post card of a primary school class from Little York (I'm guessing NYC) from 1919-1920 at a local antique store.  I scanned it and recreated the postcard for my card-of-the-month group.  The apple was a punch (unknown mfr) and colored with Prismacolor pencils so it wasn't flat in appearance.

I wonder what became of these young people?  Did any become teachers?  What about a politician or 2?  Any health care workers? 

If you looked at a picture of yourself from grade school, what would it say?  Mine would say 'nerd' because I wore those awful cat-eye glass frames from an early age on up into high school.  Ugh!

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  1. What a fab idea to scan the photo to make a post card!!!! Love that!