Thursday, February 7, 2013

I only have EYES for you

So, what 4-letter word can I use on my project for the 3rd MakingArt challenge on the EverythingWendyVecchi Yahoo group?  And NO disrepectful, crass, etc. words.  Boy, that certainly narrows it down, doesn't it????  lol  Like I would do that and share it in a public forum.  Maybe one day...

I figured that words such as 'wish', 'love', 'home', 'star' would be easy and can already be found within Studio 490 stamps, art parts, stencils, etc.  But I want something different.  So I started flipping through my sets.  Aha!  This set is perfect...An Eye For Art.

My journal page features the word 'eyes'.  I will tell you that you really must, must double check your placement of stamps.  See, I often put my stamp side up so I can visualize the page.  Sometimes that doesn't affect placement, but with these eyes it does.  That's why the left one has a lighter spot in the middle.  Not once, but twice I stamped the wrong embossing ink!  Sheesh.  No amount of brushing off embossing powder and drying the ink would make this spot disappear.

I sprayed the whole page with several Fireworks! sprays by Tsukineko.  They have glimmery stuff in each bottle which I didn't realize.  Oh well.  The sprayers don't seem to have much control so I went with whatever landed on the page.  A saturated water brush and towel were used to lift the color from the eyes.

Using one of Wendy's new stencils I smushed distress ink into the leaves, continually moving it around the page, flipping it over as necessary, in several colors.  Several distress markers gave the leaves and stems definition.

The eyes were colored using Sakura Glaze Pens...just playing with them in the same color palette as the page.  Continuing along that theme I used another new stencil and smushed more ink into the hearts then outlined them with a water-soluble graphite pencil.  Over the top I used yet another new stencil (loving all of them, Ms. Wendy!!!!!!!!!!) and applied her black embossing paste.  So crisp and clear...just perfect for this page!

The purple words were cut using Tim's Alphabetical decorative strip die.  I outlined them in black and white (shadow and shine) then went over the top with Glossy Accents.  I dropped them on the page - accidentally - but liked the placement so well I left them there.  The circular eye at the top was just what was needed to finish the page.  I did place tiny black dots around the page...just messin' about.

I think I'll share this with my husband on the 14th...along with the other love-ish things I've created.


  1. Very creative, and somewhat out of the ordinary for you I think! Fantastic use of all of the elements.. I love it! And, thanks for joining the MAC!

  2. Here's looking at you kid! This is lovely Susan, love the stencilling too. I feel your frustration with stamping that eye, but at least you stamp the correct way up, I now often trial run stamping, especially with text, on scrap paper first as I often place the stamp on upside down, lol

  3. I like Alexandra's comment... the eyes sure do have it! Love how you stretched on this page. Fab use of the stencil with your funky colored leaves!

  4. LOVE this!!! Those eyes are fabulous! The four letters perfect! What a fun page and fun project!