Thursday, September 16, 2010

Open wide for c-h-u-n-k-y!

Remember that candy bar?  An unusual combo of chocolate, peanuts and raisins (in the newer version) and in 4 squares instead of the larger one (hence, the name).  Zagnut?  Ever hear of that one?  White coating on the outside, blue wrapper.  Okay, I've got a hankering for something sweet, can you tell??????

So how about a chunky ATC instead?  Over on the EWV group I signed up to make a chunky ATC.  Mine will be headed to NYC on appropriate since the Chunky is better known there than almost anywhere (thank you to the show 'Seinfeld'!).  When I participate in a swap I always make one for myself.  Other than the initial, this is what the recipient will get next week.  Her own mini bulletin board, complete with a reminder to take her camera on the upcoming TH cruise!

I started off with a 2"x4" piece of lumber and cut off a 2 1/2" piece.  You now have an ATC-sized piece of wood because everyone knows a 2"x4" isn't really 2"x4"!  If you didn't, lesson learned!  LOL  

After a light sanding I coated the entire ATC with my own version of Claudine Helmuth's Traditional Tan paint.   I distressed the edges with one of the brown distress inks.  I added thick cork board to the front and back, but did pre-stamp Wendy's ATC Art stamp label first in black archival.  Behind the one panel is Tim's File Folder label and Wendy's word 'Remember' in olive archival, distressed around the edges.  I stamped a few of Wendy's newest stamps on white shrink plastic then glued them to push pins.  The flower was stamped on grungepaper, cut out, then met up with the plaid stamp (coffee archival) before having several yellow and orange distress inks applied.  Black Enamel Accents was applied at the intersections.  A clear button with text on the back (thank you, Lori!) is the flower center.  The leaf is also Wendy's and saw lots of green and brown distress inks.  Curled some of the edges then both of these are glued to the cork board.
Wendy's number strip was stamped with sepia archival ink on a narrow strip of cardstock, distressed with red, roughed up the edges, then distressed with black.  The crowned lady (another new stamp, mini version) was stamped on grungepaper and colored.  Her crown is 3 different layers, all colored with red distress ink and stickles.

Another of Wendy's new flowers was stamped directly on grungepaper with distress inks, cut out then colored again with a brown distress ink.  The flower has 2 layers, White Enamel Accents and a snap as the flower center.  This was glued down as well.

Another strip of cardstock was stamped with Wendy's arrows (coffee archival), sentiment (black archival).  I used Tim's ruler to perforate the edge then distressed the edges with green and brown distress inks.  The tiny key was a charm.

I bought some mushroom shaped birch buttons from the hardware store, painted them, and they're now feet for the bulletin board.  Ta da!  So, if you've got some old lumber sitting around collecting dust from a previous project, why don't you try your hand at making a chunky ATC?  They're lots of fun!


  1. I love these. Sadly I don't have either the wood or the tools to cut to size, but what a great idea this was (I have been following on EWV)

  2. Cork on a chunky brilliant! And it's coming my way, LOL. Lucky, lucky me! I absolutely love it, and look forward to its arrival in the big apple.
    Thanks so much, Susan!

  3. Wow, Susan! This is absolutely da bomb! lol! I just LOVE the idea of the cork, and stamping on shrink plastic is so cool, isn't it??? This is really awesome! Love the idea for the feet, too. Brilliant.

  4. Susan, what a cretive idea. I love the idea of cork. Great colors too. I enjoyed it very much!


  5. Gorgeous work. I love that flower
    Hugs June xxxx

  6. I love them, Susan!! Now I'm jealous that you aren't sending to me :( Great ideas, I'm sure they will be loved!!! :-)

  7. OH wow, just when I think you have reached the epitome, you go and do something twice as fantastic! Wish I could borrow your muse. Beautiful, creative and delightful all in one!

  8. This is the most creative use of a chunky ATC I've ever seen!