Monday, June 12, 2017

Living room makeover - showing off my creativity and colorful spirit

This month marks the 10th anniversary of being in this house and our 30th wedding anniversary.  Sadly, Walt passed away the end of March and didn't get to be a part of our gift to each other.  We figured this was the perfect year to makeover the living room. 

The carpet was oatmeal and from the previous owner.  Our furniture was from the early 90s.  All looked okay but the carpet color wouldn't have been our choice and the furniture was breaking down internally.  The carpet, sofa, chair, recliner and 2 end tables were given away. 

I wish I had been able to take before photos of the room and furniture but because of Walt's health and the need to make room for a hospital bed, etc., I didn't.  Afterwards I was too grief stricken to think of photos.  But after a few weeks I decided to continue with our plan.  It was the first time in over 30 years I had to make important decisions on my own. 

I'll start the tour outside as that was part of the plan.  New pillow and entry mat.

Hard to see the true color with the storm door closed. 

Hotel St. Francis Spirit Blue by Valspar

Front door, south end of living room, hall

Window wall: Ivory Brown by Valspar
Hallway: Stone Manor by Valspar
North end of living room

Warm Putty by Valspar
Flooring is 7" wide hickory by Bruce (Flooring Surfaces in Champaign)

Casey is checking out the new smells.

Pine bookcase.  I cut baseboard, quarter round molding and crown molding myself (seated on the floor of the garage using a dull -sheesh- saw.  From drab to... fab!

Chalky Paint, Sealing Wax, Dark Antique Wax system by Valspar (tinted Stone Manor)
School desk I picked up for $15.  Had been royal blue and red.  I sanded the desk top and the rough bits on the metal frame.  Dark walnut stain and a clear sating sealer (both Minwax) for the wood top.  Red spray paint as a base coat oversprayed with orange spray paint then another misting with the red spray paint.  The red was too pinkish-red and the orange too yellow on their own. 
I sanded this down a bit; I was afraid 2 coats of the top color wouldn't cover the stenciled areas.
Chalky Paint, Sealing Wax, Dark Antique Wax system by Valspar.  The legs are the same as the shelf unit (tinted Stone Manor) while the top was tinted Fire Orange by Valspar.

The northern end of the room at night.  The lamp base is walnut and was made by my dad.

The northern end of the room at night.
The reading from Stahl's in Mount Pulaski.  LOVE the fun fabrics!

The relaxing station...sofa is Flexsteel and also from Stahl's.  Love the denim blue fabric with off-white nubbins on it.  I'm using a toolbox tray on top of a strip of burlap to hold the tv remote, a pair of glasses, etc.  Sheers from Lowe's and less expensive than Bed Bath & Beyond - with a coupon - (also in the size I wanted).

I am extremely happy, pleased, satisfied, etc. with the way the room has come together.  I will take my time adding wall art and putting things on the shelf unit.  Lots of sweat equity but worth every ache.


  1. Well done!!! So comfy & cozy. I LOVE IT!
    THANKS for the update. Been thinking of you...LOTS.
    Nice to hear from you.

  2. Omg. This is incredible! I love all the pictures and love even more that you named the colors and sources of purchases. I wish you were just a bit closer to the Chicago airport so I could come and see it myself! Looks like a perfect place for a few good books and a summer spent reading, but knowing you, there is another project in the planning stages!

  3. I love it! It looks very inviting. I haven't done work that hard in over 10 years, so I'm impressed by your energy, too. And skills.

  4. Wow that turned out fabulous! I love what you did. I don't think I could tackle a huge project like that. Amazing woman!

  5. Wow Susan!!! So very cool!! I love the colors, that floor is AWESOME! Job well done, and yes, you should be patting yourself on the back!!

  6. Susan, colors I wouldn't think would go together but boy it has the WOW factor. I love the orange with the denim. So stylish.

  7. Oh Susan, it is just wonderful. I know this was probably a hard project to tackle on your own on many levels but you did an amazing job and you should be extremely proud of yourself. I love everything about the room. The floors are gorgeous and I love the trim you did on the book case and the colours you chose for the wood. The orange accents are just great and the jean couch will be timeless! Hope you can kick back and enjoy your new room and take a load off those shoulders of yours. : )

  8. Oh, Susan, it is wonderful!!!!!!! Looks totally fabulous!!!

  9. Susan,
    Absolutely beautiful!! Love the orange (I never would have the guts to go with orange but it looks fabulous!). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the floors!!! And the furniture just brings it all together. Great work!

  10. Orange is AWESOME!! Love the floor and the sofa. I am totally intrigued that you used different colors for different walls. Hope you'll share what art you choose, too. nise