Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy birthday to my honey!

I entered this card into the August challenge over on the EverythingWendyVecchi Yahoo need to use at least one Studio 490 stamp and a die cut. 

The card is an A2 size - easiest for special envelopes to make or track down. Some of the ingredients include Roll-A-Bind disk, Sizzix/TH mini typewriter die, distress ink, archival ink, Adirondack embossing powder, Studio 490 stamp sets (Art-Fully Said, Well Worn Art, and Manly Art), silver and gold pens.

Remember those old manual typewriters?  Typing 1 used those until you proved proficiency.  It took me a while to advance to the Selectric.  And now I have an old portable that I use periodically...but just for crafting!  Can you even find typewriter ribbons these days?  Guess I dated myself, huh?  lol

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  1. This is a perfect card for a man. Love it. It's funny that you mentioned the old typewriters. I spent time yesterday on ebay and other sites trying to find an old typewriter that works. I used our old one that was in the rafters for a washi tape test. It doesn't work and the repair man said the bad part is one we will probably never find. I want to type on journal cards for scrapbooking. I think I will have to buy a new electric one. I didn't even know they still made them.