Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents' Day

A federal holiday, a day off from school, and another snowy day here in east central Illinois. The dusting we could have seen overnight turned into a few inches. The sun is trying to shine so if I get out soon enough it can dry any icy bits and keep the drive and walk clear.

I took an old atlas and tore out the Washington, D.C. closeup map for this ATC. I didn't want the boldness of the map to detract from the stamps so I placed a layer of gold-edged vellum over it. Three small star brads on the right and 3 cancelled postage stamps reflect the holiday. Love my Dymo labeler for small projects like this.

Whether you're reflecting on the day, taking advantage of retail specials, shoveling or being creative, I hope you're able to make the most of it!


  1. Very creative ATC, Susan! Love the use of the map!

  2. This is a brilliant way to remember the holiday, and a very clever ATC!