Monday, October 28, 2019

I have survived...and lived to tell the story!

Just kidding, it wasn't that bad but the process was not fun.  But then I let it get to the stage where serious intervention was necessary.  Here are some 'before' shots to let you know just how awful my creative space was.  The room is roughly 10' x 16'.  The large window faces south and the short one west.  I did put heat/glare film on the west window to reduce light issues.  So far, so good but the true test will be in the summer when the sun comes in much stronger.

Here are the boxes I saved to move things from my room to the enclosed porch where I sorted EVERYTHING.  Despite purging a lot of items I know I could do more (and probably will as time goes on).
And here is my new art space!  Changed the paint color, window treatments, and removed the carpet and installed vinyl tile (12" x 24" pieces).  The curtains were rather boring as all one color so I created a collage of Tim Holtz fabric squares and sewed them on the panels.  Mismatched buttons were sewn on where the squares meet in the middle. The rag rugs I had used many years ago in a different room; they are leather strips in browns, black and neutrals.  Perfect for here and help cut down the noise from all the hard surfaces.

This process took much longer than I expected; some was procrastination on my part but I guess it happened the way it was supposed to.  I am very happy with the end results and vow to not let this room get the better of me again.  (It also happened in New Jersey so if I haven't learned by now I guess I never will!)  

Here are 3 more photos to better show off the east wall.

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  1. OMGawd Susan! What a difference - you must go in there and just sit and look around to admire the organization! What a project... the time and effort was significant, but the results are beautiful. What strikes me the most is how peaceful you will be when you go in your studio to create! ~ginny